‘īlioholoikauaua Seal, dog running in the roughness[rough seas] Pūkui and Elbert, 1986
‘ioleholoikauaua* A rat running beside the wave Beckwith, 1951
‘īlioholoikauaua-a-Lono The dog running at the voice of Lono Fornander, 1916-1920 (Vol. IV, pg. 273) / Only known reference
‘īlioheleikauaua The dog running in the waves Andrade, 2008
‘īlioholoikekai The dog running in the sea Mo’olelo (oral traditions) from kūpuna and kumu (elders & teachers)
‘aukai Seafairing Mo’olelo (oral traditions) from kūpuna and kumu (elders & teachers)
holoikauaua Hawaiian name given to Pearl and Hermes Atoll in the NWHI due to the Hawaiian monk seals that often appear there Māmaka Kaiao, 2003
hulu Seal, named for its valuable fur Pūkui and Elbert, 1971
sila / kila Hawaiian versions of the English word ‘seal’ Māmaka Kaiao, 2003
ohulu (ō-hū’-lu) “O, to spear; and hulu, fur or feathers. A seal hunter.” Parker, 1922
he ilio o ke kai Seal Andrews, 1865
sila pūhuluhulu Furseal Māmaka Kaiao, 2003
sila Hawai’i Hawaiian monk seal Māmaka Kaiao, 2003
‘īliopi’i “Dog running up and down”; Place name: cape and bay, Kalaupapa peninsula Hawaiian language newspapers; maps


Finding Balance

Nā Mea Hulu is a project by Honua Consulting, funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The goal is to find ways to protect the dwindling monk seal population without impacting the practices and livelihoods of Hawaiians and fisherman.



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